Greater sustainability, even greater client experience! PDFs and Merchbook™

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It’s common knowledge that standard PDFs lack proper design, and take an age to scroll through. Offering a lot of text, a couple of images and very little else. Not to mention the eyestrains. Meticulously attempting to read those tiny letters on your equally tiny smartphone screens.

Not ideal, and very uninspiring to navigate for your clients too.

But don’t fret; there is a solution to this issue that will transform your PDF file into a strong and engaging online experience, converting any reader into a fan of your content.


By making the PDF interactive! And what better way to kick-start your new document journey than with AIM’s brand-new, industry first technology that exploits the very best of interactive PDFs – Merchbook™.

Merchbook™ and its exclusive digital features give you the power to convert and conquer; a fully brandable pdf tool delivering convenience in both branding and collaborating. Driving traffic towards individual products on owners’ websites, along with the eco-friendly benefits that come with using less print. As well as being a mobile-friendly piece of tech that means your PDF’s can be viewed anywhere, incorporating interactive visuals that offer your clients way more than any plain PDF text could.

The interactivity brings fun and engagement to your PDFs, allowing to display exciting and innovative content to motivate the end user and create a more inviting, personalised experience.

So, continue reading to find out how you can build a better client experience with interactive PDFs and Merchbook™, and give your documents the attention they deserve.

User-friendly PDFs

Interactive PDFs are very user-friendly, and Merchbook™ exemplifies this by offering a distinct range of user interactivity. Take the hyperlink feature, which allows for a personalised experience without having to keep a sizeable amount of content within the PDF itself. Clients can visit other websites or materials at the click of a hyperlink. Giving you the ability to link your merchandise within the PDF itself.

Buttons let you navigate easily throughout different pages, and trigger an action that could be anything that you hover over for interaction, or allow other information to pop-up.

All these features instantly turn your PDF into an interactive virtual MerchBook™, offering convenient interactivity to your clients and prospects that you can build with a goal in mind. Focusing more on key concepts to avoid being overwhelmed by too much information, with the opportunity to use internal and external links.


Anyone who needs to share additional content to supplement and enrich a blended client experience, then an Interactive PDF is the ideal option. With MerchBook™ you can add customer logos to products or brand areas specifically for your clients in just a few clicks. Not to mention every product within a catalogue can be branded with a single logo upload.

Brand the entire PDF including covers, individual products or items and sections. By simply uploading a PDF document, you can select the areas you would like to be able to personalise, upload your logo or personalisation and share. You also hold the power to link products or text back to your e-commerce website for streamlined purchasing directly from your MerchBook™!

Eco-friendly Benefits

Interactive PDFs are optimised for viewing on-screen rather than printing, which helps to save the environment. Relying less on printing means saving time and costs, whilst also saving valuable natural resources. Avoiding print costs, shipping fees and minimum print charges altogether. So not only does your MerchBook™ provide an eco-friendly alternative to mass printing, it still allows you to promote a memorable experience for your customers. This keeps your costs low and your impact high.

Mobile Friendly PDFs

Mobile friendly tech means your interactive PDF’s can be viewed anywhere in an easy to consume format. Optimised for mobile and desktop, MerchBook™ provides quick and seamless experiences. Driving your reader to various internal and external links and offering a great reading experience, even on a small screen.

This technology also allows for cloud hosting, allowing for greater scalability and flexibility to quickly make changes. Minimising downtime and improving your site’s performance.

Engaging Content

More and more readers now feel the need to become engaged, and be fully interactive whilst being on the internet. You may have a regular newsletter to publish information to your clients, or a catalogue to brand and personalise. All can be used to engage your target audience with the use of visual elements that interactive PDFs offer. This keeps your clients consistently engaged.

MerchBook™ fully exploits this practice by transforming your normal, scrolling PDF into an engaging, interactive sales tool. Bringing your content to life, allowing you to link to landing pages or e-commerce sites to ultimately drive sales.

81% of respondents said that interactive content grabbed their attention more than static content. With interactive PDFs and MerchBook™, businesses can easily condense valuable information into just a few pages or less. Making the experience easy to navigate, with intuitive buttons and links that quickly take you where you need to go.

Stay On Trend in The Digital-Age

The interactive combinations of MerchBook™ and PDFs are nearly endless, and they can be optimised to fit your specific needs. You can edit your PDFs into meaningful, interactive sections that help boost long-term retention and understanding. For companies on a budget and in need of low-cost, high-impact client experiences, interactive PDFs are the way ahead.

Like what you see? Our MerchBook™ Technology Is Now Live! You can register today and be ready to engage your clients. Just follow the link below and kick-start an individually personalised virtual experience for your clients.