5 Reasons Why Interactive PDFs Should Be Your New Best Friend!

by | 29 Mar 23 | Uncategorized

Unlike regular PDF documents interactive PDFs are a great way of engaging with your readers and displaying your content to them in a more stimulating way. Users often prefer an interactive experience and with the ability to link your merchandise within the PDF this encourages readers on their journey into making a purchase.

It’s also important to upgrade your PDF with rich media to maintain the reader’s attention and stand out amongst your competitors. Good design and interactivity throughout your PDF will also represent your brand positively and ensure you are delivering a memorable impact. Listed below are five reasons interactive PDFs should be utilised within your business.

Your interactive PDFs will drive more engagement.  

More engagement will be achieved by including links in your PDFs directing your readers to product pages from your website and enabling them to begin their ordering process. By creating a simpler method of reaching your merchandise throughout your PDF you will be encouraging much more user engagement.

Interactive PDFs can grant the ability for users to upload their logo to featured products which creates a much more fun and engaging shopping experience. The ability to display a logo throughout the products within your PDF will surely influence more orders and create a more visually appealing display of your merchandise.

Interactive content will be more impactful for your brand. 

Ultimately to distinguish your brand from the rest it’s always important to go that extra mile for clients. This means that upgrading your marketing from mundane PDFs to more interactive ones will show that your brand is considering its consumer. With 81% agreeing that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content we can see that users enjoy receiving more interactive PDFs and delivering this will create a more positive association to your brand image.

Interactive PDFs will stand out from competitors. 

PDFs that deliver more playable content will not just drive initial engagement but encourage users to spend more time interacting with your brand and merchandise. With 79% of users agreeing that interactive content enhances retention of brand messaging we can see that adding more areas of interactivity into your marketing can distinguish your brand from its competitors.

It’s important to take extra steps to engage with your reader and ensure your PDFs outshine competitors with additional functionality. Adding a personal touch is key and with interactive PDFs you can do just this by personalising standard PDFs to your clients’ specifications with links and logos.

Interactive PDFs will increase brand loyalty.

Providing more interactive content within your business sector will distinguish your brand and increase loyalty amongst new consumers. Clients will appreciate PDFs they can interact with and retain more information from with studies by Demand Metric showing that interactive content is highly effective in educating online buyers.

Interactive content is also much more likely to spread through word of mouth amongst consumers and increase your opportunities of going viral. Overall, this will enhance customer loyalty and clients will anticipate any upcoming interactive PDFs from your brand.

Interactive content is higher quality than static content to your clients.

Most clients can agree that interactive PDFs are more effective at grabbing an audiences attention and also maintaining it with well presented valuable information. 87% agree that a reader’s attention is grabbed more effectively than static content and 77% agree that interactive content has more reusable value.

The quality of your content matters and so creating an interactive experience will improve your brand image in the eyes of consumers and show your business is willing to go above and beyond for them.

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