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View MerchBook™ in action, add your logo onto the products on our demo catalogue and see how it works for yourself.

Bring Your Pdf To Life In 3 Easy Steps


Add branding areas to your catalogues



Link your catalogue area to pages, website and more



Easily share your catalogues online and send to your prospects



How do I set-up my Merchbook?

Once you have agreed your package with us, you will be provided log-in details to your account. Here you will be able to upload your desired PDF and start the personalisation process.

What size PDF do i need to upload?

MerchBook™ will work with any size PDF, but for the best results and fast loading times we recommend keeping your PDF under 20MB.

How can i share my Merchbook?

You’ll easily be able to share your personalised MerchBook™ via email, a direct link, or straight to social media with our “share” function. 

Can i embed MerchBook on my website?

Yes! MerchBook™ will create an embed code for your unique PDF which you can add directly onto your website. This can be found in the main menu of options. 

What Logo Do I Need To Upload?

For the best results and fast loading times its a good idea to keep your logo file under 10MB and JPEG/JPG/PNG/SVG or TIFF format.

Can i have more than one merchbook?

Yes! Our MerchBook™ packages will allow varying numbers of MerchBooks™ depending on which package you opt for. Our starter package allows  for up to 4 MerchBooks™. 

How Do I Get More Support Building My MerchBook?

If you need help whilst setting up your MerchBook™ or anything else to do with your account, just get in touch at or call 0114 2121718